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Characteristics of MIT Lobe Pumps
*  low, medium and high viscosity fluids can be used seamlessly transfers with positive displacement specification
* Easy assembly and maintenance
*  Viscous, abrasive or surface precision fluids easily transmitting
*  4 different rotor options are avaible. Those are 2 lobe rotor, 3 lobe rotor, butterfly rotor and single butterfly rotor.
*  Two lobe options for products containing solid particles.
*  Double (flush) cartridge mechanical seal, mechanical seal, carbide seal (for applications such as jams and glucose)
*  input / output as standard sidewards to the pump can easily convert from the top inlet / bottom outlet.
*  Ability to return in both directions (Clockwise and counter-clockwise )
*  The gearbox is made of cast iron epoxy paint coated with a protective coating
*  All shaft, rotor and pump body are made of AISI 316 stainless steel.
*  Surfaces contact with fluid material quality because of AISI 316 steinles steel are used in applications hygiene requires.
*  Threaded, flanged and bushed suitable food connection properties is available.

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